What is Port Pass?

Port Pass is an identity and access card designed to help make induction and access as streamlined as possible for port facility users.

When applying for a Port Pass card, you'll need to show that you have a valid reason for accessing the port or secure facility.

Under maritime legislation, anyone accessing a port must also have a valid form of photo identification. Port Pass meets these photo identification requirements, and provides access card functionality.

The card has key features including:

  • User name and photo
  • Date of issue
  • Card number

It has a barcode, RFID and Mifare chip technology that can link to a port's security system.

It lets the Security team know who you are, who you work for, and that you’ve completed the port or secure facility's access requirements, including the Health and Safety induction.

Do I need Port Pass?

This will depend on your access requirements.

If you intend to conduct business or work at a related port on a routine basis in the following year – you need a Port Pass ID card. Register here or click apply now above.

You do not need a Port Pass card if you are visiting a port and will be escorted by a competent port person. Contact the port directly to arrange your entry – port-specific contact details are listed on the contact page.