H&S Induction

Napier Port’s Health and Safety induction is valid for two (2) years, after which point it expires.
While Port Pass cards expire after five (5) years.

The Process – when first registering

1. Click on APPLY NOW to register for a Port Pass card

2. Validate your email

3. Complete H&S Induction


1. The nominated Company Administrator receives an email each Monday containing a list of employees’ that are about to expire or have already expired Inductions.
(list includes employees’ USERCODE and PPNZ number)

2. The Company Administrator logs into Port Pass with their unique Usercode to purchase Induction RENEWAL Invite(s).

3. The Port User (employee) will receive an ‘Induction expiry alert’ email once the invoice has been paid. Follow the instructions within this email to login and complete the Induction Renewal

4. If resetting a password, after clicking on, FORGOT PASSWORD , in the same screen retype your Usercode or PPNZ number and then click on RESET PASSWORD

5. Once the Induction is complete, a confirmation email will be sent, and the Port User will gain access to the Port for another 2 years

A copy of our Company Administration and Port User Procedures are available on our website.