Napier Port Access FAQs

Napier Port’s Health and Safety induction is valid for two (2) years, after which point it expires. You will then need to re-complete the induction before you can access Napier Port again.

Yes. The nominated Company Administrator will receive an email prior to their employee’s induction expiring. They will need to log into Port Pass with their unique Usercode to purchase the Induction RENEWAL Invite(s). When the invoice has been paid, the employee will receive an ‘Induction expiry alert’ email with a link to login and complete the Induction Renewal. If you have not received the invite link, contact your Company Administrator. Once complete, this will automatically update the user’s Port Pass card, and it will be valid for another two (2) years.

Currently, the online induction process is the only approved method, and it must be completed by each individual prior to accessing Napier Port.

You can take the test again at no extra cost. Use your usercode and login provided to log on and re-sit the test. If you encounter any issues, contact the Napier Port access team at

This means the licence has already been registered. Please contact the Napier Port access team at

Please contact the Napier Port access team directly at to enquire about whether your application can be processed earlier than the standard one (1) working day.

Yes. The induction relates to Napier Port, not the company they work for. Please send an email to the Napier Port access team at, who will update the system with your new details.

Please send an email to the Napier Port access team at, and include your first and last name, and the ID number you used to register with (eg driver’s licence, passport or Kiwi Access card number). You will receive a link to reset your password.

When completing your registration form, please check that the email address you provide is correct, and free of any spelling mistakes. If you are certain that you entered the correct email address and still have not received an email confirmation, please check your junk/spam email folder. If you haven’t received anything in your inbox, or junk/spam email folder, please contact the Napier Port access team at

A driver who arrives at the container terminal and has not completed the induction has two (2) options:

  1. He/she may be accompanied by someone who has already been inducted (eg another driver). In this case, both drivers must report to either Security, if entering via the Eastern Gate, or the Gatehouse, if entering via the Western Gate.
  2. He/she may arrange for an inducted driver to take the truck onto the terminal and back out again. Options for out-of-town drivers:
  3. He/she can arrange for a local inducted driver to drive their truck onto the terminal and back out again.
  4. He/she can arrange to complete the induction two (2) working days prior to arriving at Napier Port.
  5. In the unusual case of an out-of-town driver who has no Napier contacts that can assist, a Napier Port employee may be able to help. This decision will be based on availability, taking into account other operational responsibilities. The driver may have to wait until a Napier Port employee is available to escort them while they are on port.

You do not need a Port Pass card if you are visiting and will be escorted by an ‘elected supervisor’ (someone who works for a business at the port and has a current Port Pass ID card). If you intend to undertake work at Napier Port, or are a regular visitor to Napier Port, you will need a Port Pass ID card.

If visiting the Napier Port Main Office, then No. If entering the operational area beyond the security gates, then Yes. When accessing Napier Port, you must provide photo identification as proof of identity. Please keep your photo ID on you at all times while on port, as you may be asked to produce it at any time. The following credentials are acceptable for the purpose of establishing identity:

  • A military identification card
  • An identification card issued by a New Zealand Government department, government agency, or the New Zealand Defence Force
  • A driver’s licence issued by the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority
  • A seafarer’s identity document issued by a contracting government or flag state administration
  • A valid passport
  • An identification credential issued by a port facility operator
  • An identification credential issued by a recognised company, union, or trade association
  • Other forms of identification approved by the Napier Port Chief Executive. A photo identity is only acceptable if it contains:
  • The holder’s full name
  • The holder’s photograph
  • The name of the issuing authority.
  • The identification must be protected against tampering (for example, lamination).